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Hello and welcome to my site. In my professional life, I have two passions: nonprofit technology strategy and ADHD Coaching. What ties them together? A commitment to helping individuals address challenges and develop skills to make themselves, their employer and significant relationships stronger.

Below, please select which way I can be the most helpful to you.

Life Coaching for
Midlife Adults with ADHD

I coach adults with ADHD who are trying to manage what some call "a mid-life" crisis. If you struggle to balance many important and conflicting roles - made even more difficult by the symptoms and effects of ADHD - select the button below to find out how we can work together.

Nonprofit Technology Strategy

I have worked with and for nonprofit organizations for my entire 30 year career. For the past 25 years, my career has focused on provided guidance and support to make informed, sensible and impactful technology decisions and then make the appropriate investments.

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