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What People Say About Me

Merrie Beth Naumann

Director, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Ocean Conservancy

I am honored to have worked with Peter in many different capacities over the past 20 years.  I find myself consistently asking “what would Peter think” and seek his guidance and thoughtful insights.  You want a coach that doesn't feed you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to grow and be self-accountable.  I can’t express into words the confidence boost our interactions have provided me.  Having had his own share of broad experiences, both career and personal, his knowledge and ability to relate is unparalleled.  In our conversations, there is often thoughtful silence which feels uncomfortable at first, but what follows is pure magic – words providing you with the encouragement and motivation to exceed even your own expectations.  The best part?  The sense of humor, which comes at just the right moment.  Best wishes on your journey! 

Lisa Scott

Partner, Barker and Scott Consulting

Author, The Transformational Giving Playbook

Signing on for coaching with Peter is one of the best professional decisions I've ever made. I not only met all the goals I established for our 12-session program but gained insights into myself that helped me improve my work relationships and connect to my power to create big and bold changes in my life. And, while I entered into coaching with some doubts about whether I'd be comfortable opening up, what I discovered was a safe and judgment-free space where I could show all my cards without fear or trepidation and realize that I was always holding a winning hand.


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