My Approach to Coaching


Based on Brain-Science

but tailored to your uniqueness

Understanding how the brain works can pave the way to reach your goals, establish new habits and communicate most effectively.


A Safe Space to Grow

by trying new ways of being

Your sessions will be confidential and free of judgement. In that environment you can find ways to test and stretch your limits.

Peter Gross Nonprofit Leadership

You are the Expert

and I facilitate and assist

You have the answers even though it may not feel that way. My coaching creates the space for you to gain new insights and create solutions.

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A Visual Approach

to create a plan & track progress

We co-create your visual roadmap to easily track progress and easily see where you started and how far you have come. 

How a Coaching Engagement Can Work

Coaching can take a number of different forms from less "formal" mentoring to a structured and supported longer-term engagement.


However, a first coaching engagement typically has twelve sessions and is organized as follows:


  • Twelve bi-weekly sessions as outlined below

  • Unlimited email support

  • Tools and templates to help develop your action plan and reach your goals

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