Peter Gross Life and Career Coach|  Nonprofit Leadership
Peter Gross National Leadership Institute Brain-Based Coaching Certificate

My Story

I am a coach, mentor, and consultant with 30 years of experience with nonprofits.  I am passionate about the sector and laser-focused on helping the people who work for nonprofits find passion, joy, and balance in their work and personal lives.


Like many, I found my way into nonprofits by chance, starting with an innovative civil rights organization in Detroit and continuing with leadership development and low-income services organizations in DC. While working for those nonprofits, I fundraised, managed events and programs, and implemented and maintained technology systems. I spent the next 20 years doing software implementations, process reengineering, team building, coaching and mentoring for some of the largest, most complex nonprofits and some of the smaller but highly impactful ones.

How I Got to Coaching

So…in the midst of a turbulent 2019 for me personally and a turbulent 2020 for everyone, I made a decision to shift my career and focus more of my practice on directly supporting the people of the nonprofit sector.  This decision was based on two critical insights for me.


  1. Greater investment in the growth, development and support of the people of nonprofits is desperately needed.

  2. My skills, temperament and passions have all led me to helping individuals break through barriers and become more effective. 


In 2020, I received my coaching certification from the National Leadership Institute (NLI) in their Brain-Based Coaching Certificate program, allowing me to continue the coaching and mentoring work I had been doing for decades with an enhanced framework and better tools and techniques.