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About Me
ADHD Coach and Speaker


Me and my ADHD

I am a coach that specializes in working with adults dealing with (or anticipating) significant changes in their lives. As someone with ADHD I am keenly aware of the day to day impact of ADHD on myself and the people in my life and work. Through tremendous support, I realized that I did not have work through it on my own - coaches have played a huge role in my growth.


I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2016 (at 48) and had three extremely painful life changes in 2019. Those changes are painful for anyone - but people with ADHD are (1) more likely to suffer crises and (2) have a harder time moving through them to a healthier place.

I have also spent the last 28 years working with nonprofits as a technology consultant. During that time, I have seen organizations and people grow in wonderful ways. But I have also seen many wonderful staff who suffered from ADHD (or appeared to) who were held back due to those challenges.

Why I became a Coach

So…in the midst of a turbulent 2019 for me personally and a pandemic-defined 2020 for everyone, I made a decision expand my career to include coaching adults with ADHD.  This decision was based on two critical insights for me.


  1. ADHD injects so much pain and frustration in the world both for those with it and those in relationship with those that have it. Marriages and jobs are lost, relationships suffer or end and people often don't lead lives that fit them.

  2. My skills, temperament and passions have all led me to helping individuals break through barriers and become more effective. 


In 2020, I received my coaching certification from the National Leadership Institute (NLI) in their Brain-Based Coaching Certificate program, allowing me to continue the coaching and mentoring work I had been doing for decades with an enhanced framework and better tools and techniques. In 2022, I completed a course in coaching adults with ADHD.

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